This episode is our biggest one yet! And there is no one better to be our first guest than Grace from the Support Committee! In this podcast Jeremy spills the tea on what went down at the grand jury, including the questions themselves, and what they reveal about their investigation into Wikileaks and Julian Assange. Also mentioned are the arguments Jeremy and his legal team pursued to demand his constitutional right to remain silent, and some updates on Assange’s upcoming extradition hearing and a discussion of how his politics has turned to the right over the years.

This weeks On The Noise! segment discusses the investigations into the GEO and G4S Private Prison groups, including mentions of the large number of inmate hunger strikes that went down in 2019 at a number of immigrant detention centers in protest of the disgusting and dehumanizing conditions. We also talk about the alarming number of inmate deaths in the Mississippi Department of Corrections, about how they are blamed on prisoners or gang violence, even though they are the result of poor conditions of the prisons themselves. We continue on with a bit about the Fare Evasion Movement, mentioning a recent FTP3 action on Jan. 31st in NYC, talking about the demands for universal free transit and how the increase in transit cops and fare hikes are bogus austerity measures imposed by the state to criminalize and tax poor people, especially POC. Lastly, we revisit the recent legalization of cannabis in Illinois, and elaborate on barriers that the federal prohibition maintains for people, especially for undocumented folk and people seeking food stamps, EBT, SNAP or housing assistance.

This episode introduces a new segment, Raggedy Ass Jails, where Jeremy talks about the destitute conditions at Alexandria Detention Center, problems ubiquitous throughout jails and prisons everywhere.

Lastly, there is a new letter section, where we respond to questions or suggestions of things to discuss on the podcast.

This episode features music by Chicago rapper Novatore. Check this shit out!

Updates – In addition to the exemption of FOIA requests for GEO, the National Archives begins removing records related to ICE, including complaints filed for misconduct, including those filed under the Trump regime, showing how they are covering up their heinous conditions and practice of family separating from the public eye.

Just Cause and Contempt Hearings court documents

Clip of Ajit Pai’s hilarious video mischaracterizing the effects of ending Net Neutrality

Hidden within this episode : A V for Vendetta Reference

shownotes, segments,
Raggedy Ass Jails: 3 minutes, 50 seconds
NYE recap: 13 minutes, 33 seconds
On The Noise! 22 minutes, 45 seconds
Grand Jury Exposed: 46 minutes, 26 seconds
Letters: 134 Minutes, 34 seconds

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