The first episode of Twin Trouble introduces our hosts, Jeremy and Jason Hammond, twin brothers who have both been incarcerated for hacking and antifascism. It begins with detailing Jeremy’s numerous prison transfers over the years culminating into a discussion about doing additional time in Alexandria, VA. He was due to be released the month of this episode, but instead was ‘produced’ before a Federal Grand Jury, where he was held in contempt for refusing to testify against Wikileaks. In this episodes On The Noise! segment, the twins talk about the imminent legalization of cannabis in Illinois in 2020, highlighting the continued criminalization of weed at the federal level, as well as issues of inequity in the sales and licensing in Chicago. Otherwise, it’s talking shit on the feds about the impeachment and the presidents refusal of his own subpoenas for a Grand Jury. This episode features music by Glutton for Insurrection.

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