After a brief and highly eventful intermission, we’re back. After resisting the Wikileaks grand jury case, Jeremy is again transferred back to the feds…. but gets stuck in the transfer center overflow joint Grady County Jail during the BOP lockdown. And this is the raggediest of dumps. Housed in dormitory units where social distancing is impossible, people are in Grady County share the same fate as prisoners throughout the world right now – being wrecked by Coronavirus at staggering rates. And all the jails do is pray that people won’t be getting infected, because their response to the pandemic is at best described as willful indifference to the plight of the incarcerated. Mass releases have not been forthcoming, but grassroots movements have been doing everything to can to get as many people out of these deathpits as possible. All this while it’s Mayday, and we’re in the thick of a class war with millions out of jobs, with those still working facing new kinds of fuckery at the hands of the capitalists. Masking up is the new norm, as we’re seeing mass rent strikes and work stoppage, car caravans and call-ins, as we evolve to new modes of bringing down this crumbling system, whilst avoiding the right-to-work bleach drinkers like the plague. Just kidding, we aren’t staying away from them at all.

This podcast, we’re featuring a plothera of antifascist black metal artists, who’ve recently released a 4-way split – in order of appearance,
Closet Witch, Haggathorn, Race Traitor, Neckbeard Deatcamp.
Bonus track – Glutton for Insurrection – V1RU$ 5TR!K3

shownotes, segments,
Raggedy Ass Jails: 3 minutes, 50 seconds
Covid in the BOP: 7 minutes, zero seconds
And the countdown begins? 9 minutes, 40 seconds
On The Noise – Mayday: 22 minutes, 40 seconds

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